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Atlafy stands out as one of the few 100% pure ServiceNow players. With strategic offices in Spain and Switzerland and serving clients all over Europe, our certified team ensures unparalleled consulting and implementation services, driving your ServiceNow projects to success.

We provide customized solutions that drive growth and efficiency, with a highly structured approach that delivers results. We believe in collaboration, communication, and transparency, and leverage the passion of our team to help our clients succeed.

Embrace the Dawn of Digital Transformation

We see ourself as a partner where pure player expertise meets cutting-edge knowledge, ensuring reliable, excellent delivery, and a passionate, team-oriented approach that consistently aligns with client expectations.

Servicenow Partner Program Member

The ServiceNow Partner Program membership grants us access to ServiceNow tools and resources, enabling ATLAFY to accelerate IT service automation engagements.

Strategic Consulting Services

At Atlafy, we revolutionize the work dynamics of our clients by digitalizing their operations. We are committed to refining processes, amplifying competitive edges, and delivering unprecedented value to those we serve.

Implementation Services

Our methodical process-centric approach ensures business services resonate with organizational goals. We focus on yielding tangible benefits that are distinctly recognized by the end users.

Certified And Experienced Team

Our team is exclusively dedicated to the digital innovations of the ServiceNow platform.

Proactive ServiceNow Support & Maintenance

Beyond Implementation, We Nurture Growth: ServiceNow's possibilities are vast and ever-evolving. ATLAFY doesn’t just implement; we offer dedicated post-deployment support and proactive maintenance.

End-to-End Digital Transformation

Your Journey, Our Expertise: Transitioning to the digital realm isn't just about new tools—it's about envisioning and executing a transformative strategy.

Why us?

Get the highest ROI from your ServiceNow Investment

What is the procedure to join with your company?

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Want a Partner, Not Just a Provider?

ATLAFY believes in relationships, not just transactions. We work alongside you, understanding your unique challenges and aspirations, crafting solutions that are tailored, not templated.

Experienced Consultants

With over 80 years of combined ServiceNow experience and over 100 projects delivered since 2014, our consultants are among the most capable and experienced in the ecosystem.

Experts in complex projects

Our consultants have implemented and managed ServiceNow at some of the biggest and most complex organisations in Europe. With our proven methodology, we reorganise the complex to deliver against every success metric.

Craving Clear Communication and Transparent Processes?

Transparency is our trademark at ATLAFY. We ensure you’re never in the dark, with clear communication lines, regular updates, and a commitment to demystifying the intricacies of ServiceNow for your team.

High CSAT score

Our Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) is consistently among the highest scores for ServiceNow European partners.

Our Solutions & Services

Consulting Services
Elevate your business by harnessing the full potential of ServiceNow. Collaborate with our certified experts, who bring extensive, hands-on experience with the platform, to ensure you're reaping optimal rewards from your investment.
Expert Platform Administration
Safeguard the heart of your digital transformation with our elite administration services. ATLAFY's dedicated professionals oversee the day-to-day management of your ServiceNow platform, ensuring stability, optimized performance, and the agile adaptation of new features and updates. Entrust your platform to experts who understand its intricacies and potential.
Implementation Services
Optimize your ServiceNow environment by embracing industry best practices. We focus on creating a system that’s not only scalable and manageable but also future-proofed for seamless upgrades and maintenance.
Intelligent Translation Automation
Automate ServiceNow translations with our app, integrating external services for swift language adaptation and consistency.

Core Competencies


Elevate agent productivity and user satisfaction with solutions designed to resolve issues promptly and streamline IT service processes.


Transform customer experiences, drive digital workflows, and connect departments to proactively address customer needs.

Security Operations

Harness intelligent workflows, automation, and deep IT connections to prioritize and neutralize threats, enhancing organizational security posture.


Enhance infrastructure visibility, prevent service outages, and boost operational agility with our comprehensive ITOM solutions.


Harness a holistic approach to detect, assess, and mitigate enterprise risks. Our IRM expertise ensures centralized governance, streamlined compliance, and insightful vendor risk oversight.


From ideation to execution, we specialize in implementing any ServiceNow module from scratch, ensuring alignment with your business goals.

Service Portal

Service Portal is a portal framework that allows administrators to build a mobile-friendly self service experience for users. Users can access specific platform features using Service Portal.


Trust our expert hands to manage, optimize, and maintain your ServiceNow environment, ensuring its peak performance.


Seamlessly integrate software, infrastructure, products, and APIs with ServiceNow, facilitating efficient data exchange and system synergy.

Domain Separation

With domain separation you can separate data, processes, and administrative tasks into logically defined domains.

App Development

From concept to launch, we create custom ServiceNow apps to bridge any functional gaps or to bring novel solutions to life.

Training and Enablement

Equip your teams with the knowledge and skills needed to maximize ServiceNow capabilities. Our tailored training sessions drive user adoption, enhance platform proficiency, and ensure successful digital transformations.

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