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Atlafy is the only 100% pure ServiceNow player in Spain and one of the very few in Europe and Switzerland, we deliver professional consulting and implementation services through a certified and dedicated team.

We deliver consulting solutions enforcing best practices that will allow the ServiceNow system to be scaled, managed, maintained and upgraded effectively.
With a commitment to develop secure, efficient and friendly solutions.
Exclusive ServiceNow implementation services.

Welcome to the new digitalization era

We help you transform your business and leverage the full power of the platform. All of this, from the experience and security an official Servicenow partner can offer you.

Servicenow Partner Program Member

The ServiceNow Partner Program membership entitles us access to ServiceNow tools and resources, enabling ATLAFY to accelerate IT service automation engagements.

Consulting Services

We change the way our clients work, digitalizing their business. Our goal is to optimize processes, improve their competitiveness and offer new added value to our customers.

Implementation Services

Discipline based on processes, focused on aligning the IT services provided with the needs of the companies, emphasizing the benefits that the end customer can perceive.

Certified And Experienced Team

Our team is exclusively dedicated to the digital innovations of the ServiceNow platform.

Full Cycle Solution

We cover all phases of a ServiceNow project: Business analysis, solution and architecture design, Implementation and delivery, testing and post implementation support

Enhanced Solutions

We help you optimize your operation, finding and eliminating existing bottlenecks.

Why us?

Would you like to unlock the hidden value of the platform you are already paying for?

Are you experiencing regressions when introducing changes in the platform? (some features stop to function properly)

The Automated Test Framework (ATF) enables us to create and run automated tests to confirm that your instance works after making a change. When you upgrade or modify an instance, run these tests to confirm that the instance, and specially the core of your business still works as designed.

Do you have multi language customers to support in your platform?

Our TranslateMe custom ServiceNow application provides an interface to centralize translation in the platform and automate them by allowing to link an external translation service (for example Google Translate)

With Covid-19, Do you need to challenge your company and adapt it to this “new normality”?

ServiceNow is fully online, so you can keep your team safe while successfully running your usual business operations. Take it as an opportunity to further embrace digitalization, invest in efficiency and let us guide you through the process!

Our Solutions & Services

Consulting Services
Transform your business and get the most out of your ServiceNow investment with our certified experts who have a long and solid experience in the platform.
Automated Testing
Reduce upgrade, testing and development time by replacing manual testing with automated tests.
Implementation Services
Deliver business value while enforcing best practices that will allow the ServiceNow system to be scaled, managed, maintained and upgraded effectively.
Automatic Translations
Our custom app provides an interface to centralize translation in the platform and automate them by allowing to link an external translation service.



The ITSM solution can help increase your agent's productivity, resolve issues quickly, and improve user satisfaction.


The ServiceNow platform allows direct integration for software, infrastructure, products and APIs. This will enable your enterprise to transfer and receive data from and to other systems.


With the ServiceNow® Facilities Service Management application, you can request changes to the operation and maintenance of your facilities, track these requests, and make the necessary changes.

Human Resources

Provide to your employees a single place to manage their work needs while shielding them from back-end complexity.

Performance Analytics

Process optimization solution to create management dashboards, report on KPIs and metrics, and answer key business questions to help increase quality and reduce the costs of service delivery.

Asset Management

The ServiceNow® Asset Management application integrates the physical, technological, contractual, and financial aspects of information technology assets.

Service Portal

Service Portal is a portal framework that allows administrators to build a mobile-friendly self service experience for users. Users can access specific platform features using Service Portal.


ServiceNow® Reporting enables you to create and distribute reports that show the current state of instance data, such as how many open incidents of each priority there are.

IT Operations

Get better visibility into your infrastructure and services, prevent service outages, and expand your organization's operational agility with ServiceNow® IT Operations Management.

Domain Separation

With domain separation you can separate data, processes, and administrative tasks into logically defined domains.


It uses intelligent workflows, automation, and a deep connection with IT to prioritize and resolve threats based on the impact they pose to your organization.

Custom applications

Automate service processes or replace and consolidate legacy and inefficient products

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