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Atlafy’s ServiceNow Security audit is intended to provide an assessment on the level of security of the configuration of the audited instance, all based on best practices and recommendations not only provided by ServiceNow, but also from our consulting experience. With the audit we provide a quantitative measurement of the level of security of the instance and improvement recommendations. The audit and assessment will allow your company to map security risks, based on impact, and to take appropriate corrective actions.

Audit Process

Automatic Verifications

Using the ServiceNow integrated tool: Instance Security Center, we identify which settings could be changed to increase the level of security of the instance

Manual Security Verifications

Additionally we perform different checks that are not covered by the ServiceNow integrated tool, complementing the accuracy of the results of the audit

Risk's Evaluation and Compliance Score's Calculation

In this final step, we calculate the level of compliance based on the risk of different settings and the findings encountered. With this we elaborate a detailed report explaining how to tackle all the issues and with best practices recommendations.

Key Benefits of the Service

  • Provide an assessment on how the security standards are applied.
  • Provide an assessment on how the security best practices are covered.
  • Identify potential areas for security improvements.
  • Provide recommendations for security improvements.

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