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Elevating ServiceNow Experience at Sommet Education

In the ever-evolving landscape of business operations, visibility, and growth are paramount.

The challenge

For Sommet Education, a company with approximately 1000 employees across various global locations, including Switzerland, Spain, the UK, France, India, and South Africa, optimizing their ServiceNow environment became a primary focus.


Its previous experiences with other ServiceNow providers presented challenges in terms of communication and resource allocation. 


With a desire for a more collaborative and efficient approach, Frédéric Sabalette, IT Service Management Lead, sought a partner who could align with their vision and drive success. Sabalette explains, “Last year was the first time in three years that we genuinely invested in ServiceNow enhancements and major developments."


Sommet Education







IT Service Manager
"Atlafy helps us get the most out of the platform"

The Atlafy solution

Atlafy's cultural alignment, ServiceNow knowledge, proactivity, and stable resources made them an ideal fit for Sommet Education, resulting in a significant shift in communication and stability.

Key success factors

Stability & Consistency

Long-term collaboration with Atlafy ensured stability, eliminating challenges associated with rotating project managers and consultants.

Fluent Communication

Weekly synchronization calls enhanced collaboration, providing Sommet Education with a clear and consistent communication channel.

Flexibility & Agility

Atlafy's flexibility in adapting to Sommet Education's needs and agile work methodology allowed for efficient budget utilization and resource management.

Geographical Alignment

Atlafy's resources in Spain provided the company with a cultural and geographical fit, easing collaboration.

Results and Future Outlook

Sommet Education witnessed positive outcomes as projects that had been stagnant for years gained momentum, and the platform's user experience significantly improved. Frédéric Sabalette emphasizes, “ServiceNow is vast, and you cannot be an expert in all areas. With the support of Atlafy, we were able to deliver. That’s important for me."

Looking ahead, the company anticipates continued success with Atlafy, exploring new projects and implementations. “We have understood that ServiceNow is not only a ticketing tool (…) I see a lot of developments in the upcoming years." Therefore, expertise, flexibility, and a proactive approach position Atlafy as a key partner in Sommet Education's journey, envisioning a long-term, fruitful relationship.

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