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At Atlafly, we love to simplify the complex, and ServiceNow lets us do just that.

By going beyond traditional Service Management, ServiceNow ITSM can be big ally in your digital transformation journey by helping you:

Have a single place of truth for all your important data
A powerful self-service portal
Automate manual processes saving you time and money

Use Cases

Quick incident resolution

By streamlining incident management process

Equips your IT team with the tools to swiftly identify and address incidents, minimize downtime and ensure a seamless operation.

Providing the best service

To your internal customers

Whether they are in the office or working remotely, you can ensure that users can easily find solutions to their questions, request services, and resolve issues independently

Make data-driven decisions

With actionable data

You can optimize resource allocation, enhance service quality, and ensure that every decision is backed by a deep understanding of your IT landscape


We are experts in CSM implementations.

Through ServiceNow we help you delight your customers while keeping operational costs down. Atlafy will work directly with you to:

Retain customers and staying competitive in the market by ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction and adapting to evolving customer needs and expectations
Elevate customer satisfaction and loyalty through the delivery of a comprehensive and smooth customer experience across all communication channels
Cut operational costs and boosting efficiency by automating and simplifying various customer service procedures
Augment service quality and performance by leveraging data and analytics to monitor and enhance customer service outcomes
Facilitate collaboration and coordination among customer service agents and other teams, enabling quicker and more effective resolution of complex issues

Key benefits

A central place

to manage all your customer services data and processes

Getting data

to make more informe decisions

A simplified way

to coordinate internal activities that relate to your customers


Security and risks are two of the main challenges in all companies.

Atlafy has worked with companies in some of the most highly regulated industries and we have helped them:

Enhance risk visibility
We will help you simplify risk management across various domains like reputational, strategic, operational, compliance, and financial risks. Gain a consolidated, real-time view of risks to empower proactive decision-making.
Align compliance efforts
By harmonizing internal policies, procedures, and controls with external regulation, we will help you create a streamlined and integrated compliance framework. This alignment ensures that your organisation operates within the boundaries of legal requirements while minimising the risk of non-compliance.
Drive informed decisions
A single, unified system to oversee and manage an organization's policies, controls, and compliance measures.

Use Cases

Centralized governance framework and control procedures

A single, unified system to oversee and manage an organization's policies, controls, and compliance measures.

Automated risk assessments

Accurately identify, access, monitor and manage risks real time. ServiceNow IRM combines risk methodologies to determine risk scores, based on performance data from a single register (your CMDB).

Streamlined real-time monitoring

Using automated data validation and evidence gathering, ServiceNow IRM identifies non-compliant controls, monitors high-risk areas and manages Key Risk Indicators and Key Performance Indicators. Relationships across entities are shown using CMDB information, thereby enabling real-time business impact assessment of a control failure.

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