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TranslateMe provides an interface to centralize the translations so that non technical people can provide translations and/or save developers time. TranslateMe also automates the translations of the platform by allowing to link an external translation service (for example Google Translate)

Translation Process


Identify the translations needed in the platform (based on the current languages installed)


Translate either manually or automatically in a centralized interface


Validate and Publish those translations defined in previous steps

Key Features

The main features of TranslateMe will be shown below

  • Provides an interface to centralize the translations of the platform
  • Translates automatically linking an external translation service
  • Allows non technical users to provide platform translations
  • It is a must to have installed the "I18N: Internationalization" plugin
  • To use the app for language translation it is necessary to have the I18N plugin installed of the languages that you would like to translate the platform to.

TranslateMe Value Calculator

Benefits for financial saving: User and agent experience, ease of communication and more precise communciation for end users and backend users along with more people registering due to communcation in own language.

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