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The Automated Test Framework (ATF) enables us to create and run automated tests to confirm that your instance works after making a change. When you upgrade or modify an instance, run these tests to confirm that the instance, and specially the core of your business still works as designed.

ATLAFY’s approach to implement ATFs


Identify regression test cases and data required in the test cases.


Validate that all identified test steps can be automated


Implement and automate the test cases defined in the previous steps

Key Benefits of the Service

  • Reduce upgrade, testing and development time by replacing manual testing with automated testing.
  • Design and develop tests once and reuse them in different contexts and with different test data sets.
  • Keep test instances clean by rolling back test data and changes made after each test run.
  • Create test suites to organize and run tests in batches.
  • Schedule test suite runs.
  • Review failed test results to identify the changes that caused the failure and the changes that you should review.
  • Send notification if it fails and store test logs and screenshots

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