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It’s called Process Mining … and here is why you should start using it too

In the competitive arena of global business, Fortune 500 companies are continually searching for tools and strategies that can sharpen their edge. Among the diverse technologies these companies leverage, ServiceNow has emerged as a common denominator. However, beneath the surface of widespread ServiceNow adoption lies a lesser-known secret: the silent adoption of Process Mining by 50% of these leading corporations.

A method for analyzing business processes to identify inefficiencies

Process Mining, a method for analyzing business processes to identify inefficiencies, has proven itself as an invaluable asset in the corporate toolkit. This approach to uncovering and addressing hidden costs has shown its worth by potentially saving companies billions of dollars. A striking example of its efficacy came in 2021 when Celonis, a company in the Process Mining space and a strategic ServiceNow partner, issued a bold challenge. They pledged to unearth $10 million in hidden costs for companies or, failing that, to donate $100,000 to charity. Their track record of success since then has only bolstered the credibility and appeal of Process Mining.

While the adoption of Process Mining among Fortune 500 companies might not surprise industry observers, its implications for smaller businesses could be game-changing. A particularly noteworthy development in this context comes in the last Vancouver release, where ServiceNow has rolled out a specialized Process Mining tool. This tool, accessible within the ServiceNow platform, democratizes the power of Process Mining, making it available to a wider range of companies than ever before.

At Atlafy, we’ve been testing the tool since its inception, delving deep into its capabilities and functionalities. Our extensive experimentation has led us to some one conclusion: there is a lot of potential on this tool. By integrating Process Mining into their workflows, companies can gain profound insights into their processes, identifying bottlenecks and inefficiencies with precision. What was once exclusive to industry giants is now accessible to a broader spectrum of businesses, empowering them to achieve heightened operational efficiency and effectiveness.

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